Car In Portugal

Tips For Renting A Car In Portugal

Renting a car can be stressful for many, and everyone wants their vacation to be smooth and uneventful. In the same way, driving on unfamiliar roads can make some drivers more nervous. But fear not, the following guide will help you have a good motorized experience with lots of practical tips.

We have prepared some tips on what to consider in a rental car in Portugal.

Book your rental car online

Finding, comparing, and reserving a rental car online is easier, cheaper, and takes less time.

What is the difference between car rental companies in Portugal?

See how much the deposit is! Typically, what differentiates cheap companies from large, global companies is the size of the warehouse. Also, read the conditions for returning the vehicle carefully. Smaller local businesses may charge administration fees if the car is not returned with an empty tank. You can find all the extra fees in our terms and conditions when doing your search.

Please read the fuel filling regulations carefully! If the company follows a full tank pickup and empty tank return policy, there may be administrative charges for refilling the tank. All charges will be displayed during booking. Cheaper companies often have a full tank pickup and empty tank return policy.

Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Check and read the terms and conditions for renting a car before making your reservation.

Is free mileage included?

Free mileage is usually included. However, small businesses may have other conditions. Make sure that the free mileage is included in the rental price in the terms and conditions. If it’s not included, make sure you have the mileage you need.

Fill up the car tank before returning it.

Each company has different terms and conditions on fuel. If it is necessary to refill the deposit before returning it, be sure to do so to avoid extra costs from the car rental company. How much will I have to pay for gas? Fuel policies depend on the length of the rental in most cases. The most common fuel policies are: collection with a full tank and return with an empty tank, collection with a full tank, and pre-purchase of fuel with a partial refund.

Do a small check on the car when you pick it up.

Take a look at the car and examine it when you pick it up. Pay attention that all scratches and damages are in the car condition report.


Unless you love exploring a country on the way to the hotel, I recommend using a navigation system. There are basically 3 options for this: bring your own (you make sure the maps are updated for the countries where you are going to drive), rent one from the rental company (but this can cost you from € 3 a day, and it is a new device that you have to learn to use and program (not ideal when it’s dark) or use an app on your mobile phone.